Satin Sophistication

There's no doubt that satin is back! This luxurious fabric feels silky on the skin and is so comfortable. It is one that drips of elegance and sophistication. Satin is timeless, yet anything but plain. It is the perfect summer fabric and shines in flowy, breathable numbers such as slip dresses, bias-cut skirts and cute crop tops.

The best part about it is it's versatility, making it your fabric of choice when shopping for a casual or formal outfit. At Desert Rose, we pride ourselves on giving you the most versatile pieces. We believe that fashion should be minimal, yet sophisticated and elegant and satin ticks ALL the boxes.

Now that the world is moving toward a sense of normality, we can go out again and express ourselves with fashion again! Isn't is exciting? We'll get to wear all the looks we were dreaming about while in lockdown. Shop our collection today for that luxurious elegance and sophisticated look we know you love.

In the meantime, here's some satin DO's and DON'Ts to keep you looking stylish in satin:

Don’t go for a satin piece that is too tight, as it might pull or cling into sight unwanted curves.

Do invest in a silk dress for a savvy night out.

Don’t forget about your innerwear while wearing silk, as they might show. Go for seamless options instead, unless your satin dress is fully lined which will prevent this.

Do go for a satin slip dress a la Kate Moss.

Don’t go all-things satin from head to toe. Ever. One or two pieces of satin clothing are just about enough!

Do pair your satin pieces with other fabrics, such as denim or leather!

Now you're prepared to go forth and channel your inner diva!

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